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Residential Roofs Expertly Installed

We're On Your Team In Working with Your Insurance Company

We Understand What You Need!

Homeowners want a contractor they can trust, their new roof installed properly, timely and, with a company that will stand behind their work.
There are more than 103,000 roofing companies in the United States. According to the Better Business Bureau's Complaint and Inquiry Statistics, roofing contractors rank 1st for number of inquiries and 22nd for complaints, which leads to a high level of mistrust.  
At Memphis Roofing Service (MRS), we believe a trustworthy roofing contractor insures the following occurs: 1) the customer's needs and expectations are clearly understood; 2) if the roof has been damaged by nature, a contractor that is successful working with you and your insurance to obtain for you the best reimbursement possible; 3) the new roof is installed timely and properly; and, 4) the workmanship is guaranteed by the contractor. 
Memphis Roofing Service has a 3-step plan that will insure you are on your way to a successful roof installation.


Step 1

Call to Get a Quote


Step 2

Roof Properly Installed


Step 3

Peace of Mind for Years

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a non-reputable, fly-by-night roofing company to install your roof.  Memphis Roofing Service's team has successfully installed hundreds of roofs in the Memphis and surrounding area.
Call us today at 901-609-3737 to obtain a worry-free installation!

Our Promises to You


1. All quotes are clearly stated and there are no hidden costs.
2. Direct and thorough communication through the entire course of the project.
3. We respect and protect your property.
4. We are on your team to interface with your insurance company to maximize your coverage.

5. Six months after your installation, our team will visit and inspect your roof to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

Memphis Roofing Service - About Us

We are committed to repairing or installing your new roof correctly the first time.  Finding a leak on a roof can be a difficult process; however, we take the time to analyze the problem by first inspecting your roof inside and out.  If you desire a new roof, our team will work with your insurance company to maximize your coverage.
Our team has more than 25 years’ experience and has been involved in installing and repairing hundreds of roofs in the Memphis area.  So many roofing companies are started by unscrupulous contractors whose highest priority is to get as much of your money as possible, regardless of whether they fix your problem or not.
MRS is founded on the principle of being a trustworthy guide to installing or repairing your roof in the right way and at the right cost.  Our team consists of roofing experts with years of experience.
To help you better understand how we work, the following represents the typical workflow for your job.

1. Call us and make an appointment for a free visit by one of our team members.
2. On the initial visit, our team will inspect your roof to determine if your roof can be repaired, or they will gather quote information if you desire a new roof.
3. A clear and concise quote is then provided to you.
4. Our team will work with your insurance company to maximize your coverage.
5. Next, our team will schedule your work at a time convenient for you.
6. On your scheduled date and time, an MRS crew will arrive to install your roof.
7. Once the roof has been installed, an MRS team member will meet with you to discuss the repair and to carefully review your invoice with you.  
8. Lastly, our team will follow up in 6 months to confirm that all is well with your roof and that you are happy with our service.

Learn More!

A home's roof often last for decades so when problems occur we often are unsure what is causing the problem and who to call to fix it.  

At Memphis Roofing Service, we feel it is so important to understand how to select the right contractor that we are pleased to provide you with a pre-screening guide.  As a consumer, it is always smart to seek several quotes when you need to repair or replace your roof and the following guide will help you ask the right questions before committing to a contractor.

Our 8 Most Common Roof Problems guide will help you identify problems and if followed can also help you prevent damage as well.  

As always, calls us if you have any questions at all and our visit to provide you a service quote is always free!


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